Verse 1: 

I was not a stranger 

Until I came home 

I thought that I had it 

Under control 

I thought I could leave it 

Back where it came from 

But you followed me 

And now I don’t know where to run 


But if you could see me now   

Oh, Lord what would you say 


Cause I tried so hard to be normal 

But my mind has been changed 

And I hope that we can still be friends 

Yeah I tried so hard to be silent 

Oh but silence never gets you far 

And we both know we can’t keep going on like this 

Verse 2: 

Am I now stranger 

Than I was before 

Would you recognize me 

When I walk through the door 

Or would you cast me aside 

And leave me to my own 

Am I now a stranger 

In my own home?