if i ruled the world

Verse 1: 

I left the building of my elders 

To see if I could find myself 

Without their shelter 

If I could be a big girl 

Like I thought I was 


If I could stick it to the man 

And be independent 

If I could be all I wanted 

Without consequences 

Ooo If I ruled the world 


Cause if I ruled the world 

This is what I would do 

I would take a vacation 

To the top of the moon 

I would sail around the world 

And dance all night 

I would love, love, love 

And never fight 


Verse 2: 

I lived on the ground 

Fell in love with the sun 

Walked barefoot with the Earth 

Trying to become someone 

Wised myself up 

And then got softer 


I was pushed around 

And shoved out to the world 

Oh a funny little place 

For a little girl 

Who thought she could rule the world   



Well I hope that this 

Isn’t my fatality 

Gotta get somewhere in the sky 

Can’t you see me now