SXSW Bay Area Showcase 2017 

AUSTIN! I love you and I had such an amazing time at my first @sxsw and seeing a bunch of family! I will be back for sure!! ❤
I did my first showcase at the Jackalope Bar thanks to Stefan Aronsen and the Balanced Breakfast community. I was lucky enough to be a part of a songwriter in the round, it was so much fun! Check out the video here. I went to my first Sofar Sounds show with my friend, Alex saw and met some killer bands and got to see some of my favorites. I also got to meet Ari Herstand and thank him in person for all his efforts to help independent musicians! It was great to just walk around, absorb, listen, learn and become a music fan again. I feel a rekindled energy and reconnection to inspiration. New things are on the way and there are lots of decisions to make. Sooooo ready to jam! 🤘🤘🤘 


Break EP Release Show - January 28th 2017 

Hey Everyone! WHAT A NIGHT!!! A SOLD OUT SHOW!!!! I cannot even begin to convey the amount of gratitude that I have for everyone who participated in, helped with and came to the release show. It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of and to be honest I'm quite overwhelmed by all of it. The journey of this EP began a couple of years ago and what a way to share it with everyone. To my bandmates: Jeff, Brian, Vincent and Felix thank you guys for helping me to make these songs come alive on stage. Your support and guidance means the world and I can't wait to jam more shows together :) To Love District and Bird and Willow, thank you guys so much for playing this show with me. It was a privilege to have you play and I'm honored to call you all my friends. I'm so stoked that San Jose got to witness your greatness. To Erica, thank you for helping to organize the show and thank you to everyone at the Art Boutiki for having us! To, Alanna thank you for making HELLA cupcakes for everyone! They were amazing! To Mighty Mike, thank you for hosting the show!! To my mom, thanks for making tacos for the musicians :) Katey thank you for the photos. AJ thanks for the videos. To my brother, Ronald and my friend Brandon: thank you guys for helping design a bunch of the merch. My MERCH QUEENS, Jackie and Christine you two are amazing and thank you for kicking my ass into gear with planning this show months ago. Your love and support over the years has truly made the difference in helping me get to this point. TO THE COMMUNITY of friends and family who came from near and far to the show, WTF!!!?!?!?!?! You are all HELLA COOL!!!!!!! What an amazing audience to have and I thank you all sooo very much for coming and rocking out with all of us. I looked out into the crowd and saw people I knew and people I didn't know come together for one night of celebration. WE all make up this community and this night was full of positive vibes and an energy that is sooo greatly needed, especially given recent events. So please keep going to local shows, support local businesses, participate in your life, be good to your friends and to your family and always always always KEEP JAMMING!!!!!




Reflections : Morocco Tour 2015 

It has been a couple of months since I came back from tour in Morocco. What an insane trip! It definitely required some time to think and process, much like when I got back from the Peace Corps. Going back to Morocco was...intense. I was extremely excited and nervous all at the same time. All of the "what if" situations were playing in my head the whole plane ride over. And then I remembered flying over the first time back in 2010 and landing in Casablanca. It became a "Well, here you are Socorra. What are you going to do with your time here?" As soon as my friend, Alan and I landed in Casablanca that thought ran through my mind. I was afraid that my Arabic skills were completely lost on me, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the only weird thing about going back was how weird it didn't feel. Walking around, driving around, meeting people from all over the country didn't feel weird. It felt like I never left Morocco.

The tour was to say the least, exhausting. Alan was a trooper and not only filmed the whole tour but drove as well. We went from Casablanca - Mohammedia - El Jadida - Marrakech - Oujda - Tangier - Fez. INSANE! 8 shows in two weeks. I couldn't believe it. By the time the show rolled around in Marrakech my voice was beginning to feel the tour and that was only show number 4! So I chugged tons of water, ate honey, drank a lot of tea and slept when i could. Magically a cold only came once I got back to the States. 

Morocco has changed my life in more ways than one. But I can say that it has reaffirmed the fact that there is no replacement for getting together with people, whether it be at a concert, eating dinner, chilling together at a BBQ or park and just talking with one another. My favorite part about the tour was talking to people afterwards and finding out a little bit about them. Everyone has a story and it was so much fun to hear them. 

So I just wanted to send out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made the tour possible and to all of the awesome people I met along the way. I hope to come back one day!


Tour Tour Tour! 

I'll be leaving for Morocco at the end of the week for a 2 week tour! This is just still an insane thought to me. I'm excited to visit some new places and spend some time in more familiar places. Morocco is a beautiful country and I'm flipping out right now!

For now, I've uploaded The Paper Guitar- the demos ep on my Bandcamp. Head over to the music page to preview and purchase.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

You can buy a copy of The Paper Guitar- the demos ep for $5 at any of my shows this month:

October 8th: The Octopus Literary Salon with Patrick McCauley in Oakland. 7pm.

October 16th: Vanitea Snow Lounge with Kaleb Askew in San Jose. 8:30pm.

October 17th: The Abbey in Santa Cruz. 8pm.

October 24th: Caffe Frascati with Lindsey Jeske and Narrators in San Jose. 8pm.

New Shows For Fall! 

Hey Everyone,
 I've been busy booking some new shows for Fall. Check them out under the "Shows" page. I've also got some new stickers in the works and the planning for my November Morocco tour is also underway. I'm really excited about this Fall! Be sure to follow everything on my Instagram: @socorramusic




Demos, Demos, Demos!  

Last week I was in Minneapolis and I carved out some studio time to work through a few demos for the new EP. Very excited about the sound that we were able to develop and I can't wait to record the complete versions and get them out to everyone!! Check out my Instagram for more updates and videos from the studio! 

Going back to Morocco! 

Funny thing everyone, I'll be going back to Morocco to do a tour! Dates are TBD. I'm really excited to get back to a place that means so much to me and see all of my friends and family again. For some context, I lived in Morocco from 2010-2012 and worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Almost serendipitously I was performing at a cafe in Fez (Cafe Clock), when someone from the American Language Center (ALC) saw me perform. A project was offered to me to record an EP and have some of the proceeds benefit a local girls' shelter. As I was becoming more and more involved in girls' empowerment, this project sounded like a dream and a way that I could make some sort of difference. I couldn't have imagined a better way to make my first EP.

Now the ALC and I are in the middle of organizing a tour around Morocco to visit some other centers, work with their music clubs and of course perform!

I'll be posting tour planning updates on my Instagram, so be sure to follow: @socorramusic

I had this map hung up in my house and highlighted all of the roads I traveled by bus, taxi, donkey etc.

Happy March! 

Happy March everyone! Wow time is flying by! My friend Dean and I will be joining forces to support a great cause in April. The Light it Up Blue Benefit Concert for the Pacific Autism Center for Education. The show is Saturday, April 18th at Santana Row in San Jose, 12-4pm. We go on at 2pm!

To find out more about P.A.C.E. click here.


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