"Break" - Go Fund Me Campaign

Hey Everyone!

The EP is DONE! In February 2016 I went into Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco to record my EP, Break, which will be released in January 2017. To celebrate the release, I’ll be playing a show with some of my favorite local bands!

If there is anything I've learned since being back home and becoming a working musician it's that you cannot do it alone. I've only been able to play the shows that I have because of the supportive community that has come together to create opportunities for fellow musicians and I to share our music. I am so excited and grateful for the community and the experiences we have had together and look forward to continuing to rock out with you! I am almost there, and now if when I need the most support from you - my community, friends and family. 

As I near the finish line, I would like to get some CDs made, create new merchandise (i.e. t-shirts, posters, stickers, coffee mugs for my fellow coffee lovers, etc), a music video and work on putting together an awesome EP Release Show. In order to make this happen, I'm asking for your help and in return you will get some cool rewards! All contributions, big or small, are greatly appreciated and get me one step closer to my goal!




PS: Special shoutouts to:

Brian, Jeff, Katie, Renee, Scott: For helping to record this EP
Rob Ernst: For helping to record some of the exclusive tracks
Pounders: For helping to record my first demos in your garage
+ Katy for the album art
+ Ronald for your art direction
+ Jackie and Christine for helping to put this campaign together
+ Open Mic Communities of Red Rock Coffee, Cafe Lift and Caffe Frascati
+ Crema Coffee and our Saturday Songwriter Showcase Series
+ Many of the local coffee and tea shops and small venues that have invited me to perform 
+ To my friends who listened to the mixes of the songs and gave me advice throughout the making of the EP